Die Pack (2019)

A robbery gone wrong.

Directed By: Maxwell Stark

Cinematography By: Matthew Hayward

Oasis (2019)

After living in their bunker for 12 years, a family is still unable to resurface to the devastated outside world. One day while Beatrix is doing her chores she discovers the bunker door open and alerts her parents who immediately begin to lock down the bunker.

Directed By: Christopher Rohrbeck

Cinematography By: Matthew Hayward


Where the Heck is Ricky Saunders (2018)

When Peter, Tori, and Gabe arrive at the park after school without their best friend, Ricky Saunders, the three friends take turns telling stories about where Ricky could be.

Directed By: Brendon Perdikis

Cinematography By: Matthew Hayward